Outline of IFF

Outline of International Friendship Foundation

1. Official Name

International Friendship Foundation (Abbreviation: IFF)

2. Relevant Authorities

The Cabinet Office of Japan

3. Foundation's Purpose

To strive for international friendship regardless of race, nationality,or religion; to contribute to world peace and the basic well-being of all peoples; to promote mutual understanding and to encourage the harmonious development of friendly relations between Japan and other countries of the world; and in so doing, the foundation will carry out its objective.

4. Operations

  1. Opening "Japan Week" exhibitions in various countries of the world to strive for cordial friendships and mutual understanding with regional exhibitions through the introduction of Japanese traditional culture, entertainment, art, sports and the like.
  2. Through other enterprises that strive for international friendship,to introduce and interchange ideas related to culture, entertainment,art, science, sports and the like besides those mentioned in the preceding point.
  3. To hold symposiums, seminars, conferences and the like, to publish related works in order to contribute to international friendship and international interchange.
  4. To gather information from both inside and outside Japan, to create a database of this information, and to offer it to interested parties in order to contribute to international friendship and international interchange.
  5. To undertake all other necessary enterprises in order to help fulfill the objectives of this foundation.

5. Income and Expenditures

Currently, the foundation's business expenditures and management expenses are supported fully by supporting members from private companies and contributions.

Organization of International Friendship Foundation


◆In addition, various committee are organized corresponding to each business.